Friday, February 10, 2012


For a long time, I was fantasizing about green boots with red metal zippers - here they are! Custom made for me by Waldviertler in Austria, with riri zippers. Waldviertler offers customization of their shoes for a small extra fee and they let you choose from many different leather options (you could even combine different colors if you wanted to...). Since I wanted these special zippers, I bought them myself and sent them to the factory directly. I ordered the boots in one of the Vienna stores and they were shipped to me six weeks later. Awesome!
Peter took the pictures in Golden Gate park on our way to the Velo Rouge Cafe today. It was such a bright and sunny day that the green seems a bit lighter in the pictures than it really is. This is a more accurate picture of the color (and also features Peter´s Ethletic chucks):