Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Men's Shirt

For a long time, I thought that it was just not worth the effort to sew men's shirts - too much hassle with the collar and the cuffs and everything. And there are only so many possibilities to be creative or you have this handmade look instead of taylored perfection... Then again, my husband really looks great in fitted shirts and they can be pretty hard to find for the slim and tall. When Peter started his Men's Shirt Sew-Along and discussed fitting, I suddenly realized poorly fitted shirts everywhere. I therefore decided to join the community and embark on the journey towards the perfectly fitted shirt for my husband. This is the first attempt in the sense of a wearable muslin. It was pretty hard to find a pattern that included a small enough size, let alone that it was long enough. Burda 7767 was the closest to what I had imagined and the only adjustments I made for this first run was to add some length and darts in the back. The fabric is a thrift store find with a rather rustic look. The finished shirt has some fitting issues, but not worse than the average RTW shirt and it's perfectly wearable. It wasn't even half the pain of what I had expected and Peter loves it -there will sure be more shirts (with more alterations and hopefully less wrinkles...)!

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