Sunday, October 28, 2012

Maija Isola Vintage Fabric Luck

I scored this beautiful fabric at my local thrift store yesterday! I loved the print and the quality of the fabric, a really soft cotton, not knowing at the time that Majia Isola was a pretty famous Finnish designer:-) It´s a pretty large piece (more than 2m, 130cm wide) and I am planning to make it into a dress. Unfortunately, I couldn´t find any information about this particular print (Maija Isola "rosmariini" Marikangas Maritextil), but I found an ebay listing for her most famous design from the 50ies for USD 150 for 98in. (I only payed CHF 8 for my piece;-)). Please leave a comment if you know anything about the release date or history of this print!

Update: the print is from 1962 - the folks at Marimekko were super kind and answered my email inquiry! Here´s a link to the rosmariini print in different colors and many more amazing designs: Marimekko Design Museum .

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