Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bicycle Rain Cape

I bike to work every day and with fall approaching I need some decent rainwear. Sure, I could use my rain pants and jacket but don´t you think that this cape is much fancier??
The fabric is waterproof and breathable, reflective piping is enclosed in the front and back sleeve seams, the seams are sealed with seamtape and the coat is fully lined with mesh fabric. The pattern is self drafted. I used my rain jacket as reference for the upper part and took some inspiration from Helene Clément. The lower back piece is longer to ensure protection when I´m sitting on the bicycle. It´s pretty wide in order to leave enough room for movement. No extra seams or darts, the side seams and the elastic band in the back provide all the shaping. I didn´t add a hood since I have a waterproof rain cover for my helmet. My shoes will be covered by these fancy gaiters:-) The sleeves are very long and have openings for the thumbs:
The back view:
The collar seam is covered by the small band for waterproofness (the small band is only sewed to the outer layer of the collar and this seam is sealed on the inside of the collar):
 The interior: mesh lining

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  1. WOW!! I cannot believe this is handmade... it looks so professional, and so fantastic! Your design, your construction and finishing is superb. Bravo!